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Coffee Freshly Roasted

Coffee origins, all with a traceability

Our specialty coffees come from terroirs with their own identity according to their origins, all with a traceability. The notion of terroir is just as important in coffee as in wine.

La Tasse Verte® Coffee

Coffee beans hand roasted in small batches in France. Delivered straight to your front door. 

What is Specialty Coffee ?

Specialty coffees are prepared using green coffee beans grown in specific areas and meeting the highest standards of production, processing, roasting, preservation, and preparation.
All specialty coffees are rated out of 100. Information about coffee and cupping tasting method allows this rating. According to the Association of Specialty Cafés (SCA), it takes a minimum score of 80 points to receive the appellation.

Very few coffees in the world reach this score of 80. They represent only 2% of EU consumption.

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Choose your coffee subscription adapted to your tastes, your consumption and your machine among a selection of the best coffees in the world.


Receive your freshly roasted coffee in a sealed, zippable and valved pouch for optimum freshness and preservation.


Enjoy your coffee directly at home. You can easily and at any time adapt your subscription in your personal space.

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